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Kimberly Keim is a piano teacher, pianist, oboist, and part-time organist in Noblesville, Indiana.  Kim graduated from Western Illinois University with a Master of Music degree in Piano Pedagogy and has 15 years of teaching experience to all ages and abilities.  Pedagogy, being the study of the art of teaching, gave her several opportunities to teach in multiple settings. While at WIU, she instructed undergraduate courses in group piano and was the Administrative Assistant for the Community Music School. In 2015, Kim's study of Baby-Boomer "re-starter" pianists was nationally published in American Music Teacher, a national periodical of the Music Teacher's National Association.  Her review of Adult Piano Adventures was published in October 2016. In 2022, she was a presenter at the National MTNA Convention, giving a presentation on studio retention.

        Kim is also an avid performer in both piano and oboe.  She has accompanied several choir departments in Southern Indiana and Indianapolis.  She is currently playing oboe, English horn, and piano in the Philharmonic Orchestra of Indianapolis and recently has served as principal oboist in the IU Southeast Concert Band.  In 2013, she won the Western Illinois University Symphony Orchestra's Concerto Competition performing Bach's Concerto in D Minor BWV 1052.  She also served as second oboist in the WIU Symphony Orchestra.  Kim received her Bachelor's Degree in Piano Performance from Valparaiso University, and sat principal oboist all four years of study.  Past collegiate piano teachers include Anna Briscoe, Dr. Joseph Bognar, and Dr. Tammie Walker.  Past collegiate oboe teachers include Anna Mattix, Jennet Ingle, and Michael Ericson.  She also has organ experience as a church organist and studied with Dr. John Bernthal and Dr. Anita Werling. 

       Kim is a member of Music Teacher's National Association, the Indiana Music Teacher's Association, the Greater Indianapolis Music Teacher's Association, and the Indianapolis Piano Teacher's Association.  She has also served on the executive board for the Greater Louisville Music Teacher's Association.

       In her free time, Kim enjoys geocaching, running her Etsy store, pizza picnics, making piano games, reading, playing board games, and performing in the Indy Phil with with her husband Alex, who is the principal percussionist.


Kimberly Keim Pianist
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