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Tuition is based on the annual cost of piano lessons for an entire 12-month year and divided into 12 equal payments. Included in tuition are 38 lessons, books, recital fees, studio upkeep, games, incentives, taxes, and all costs it takes to run the studio and teach. It is a flat monthly rate so both the teacher and student can budget accordingly. Rates for August 2024-July 2025 are as follows:


  • 30-minute lessons - $94/month

  • 45-minute lessons – $138/month

  • 60-minute lessons - $180/month


Payment is due by the 12th of each month regardless if the studio is on break or not. Invoices will go out to each family before the end of the month. I accept cash, check, Venmo, and payment online through My Music Staff. (Information on student login from my website will be provided.)


Adult students have the option to pay for 4 lessons at a time and take time off when needed. Daytime adult rates are $25/half hour.

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