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Teachers Pay Teachers Site is Finally Active and Blog Post #1!

Hi everyone! It looks like it takes 2 months to settle in and really get things on the go! First, let me tell you a little about my background and what I'm trying to do. I finished my Master's Degree in Piano Pedagogy in 2013 and have been maintaining my own studio ever since. I love teaching all ages and abilities of pianists and enjoy all the challenges each student brings! I have been asked by several teachers to start putting my games and worksheets online so I made a Teachers Pay Teachers store! I am a firm believer that children still need hands on activities that don't involve a screen flashing at them, so I make my own piano games for the teacher to play with the student as a warm-up or end-of-lesson fun! My games are found here:

I update them about once every week or two! Also, I know teachers hate cutting and laminting games, so I have the option where I do that as well! My mom was a Kindergarten teacher and we would always cut out laminating for fun, so I guess it's an instilled fun event for me.. :)

My most recent game is pictured in the post and practices spelling scales with the aid of a fish!

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